About #NeffysMediaTraining: Lights, Camera, Action!

This Is For You If ...

You're a entrepreneur, student, or professional in any industry looking to grow your confidence, credibility, clientele, and cash flow through public speaking and original video content .


Take a look at Some Of Neffy Anderson's Work As A Media Correspondent

As a correspondent Neffy Anderson is known for her energy, conversational approach, ability to humanize celebrities, and ask thought provoking questions. She uses her love for storytelling as a means to inspire, empower, motivate, and entertain.


PART 1: Introduction: About Neffy Anderson + Bootcamp Overview


PART 2: Storytelling 101: How to keep your audience engaged from start to finish


PART 3: How To Get Comfortable Speaking In Public and On Camera


PART 4: Tips For Giving (and Getting) A Good Interview


PART 5: Avoiding Common Speaking Mistakes


PART 6: What It Means To Look Camera Ready: Dos and Don'ts of hair, wardrobe, makeup, and posture


PART 7: How To Properly Brand Yourself To Get Paid Speaking Gigs


PART 8: The Recipe For Creating Amazing Original Video Content

PART 9: Secrets of Success For Specialty Speaking Engagements: Job interviews. Phone interviews, Radio interviews, TV interviews, Red Carpet Coverage etc.


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