The ‘Power’ of Sacrifice: Sinqua Walls Reveals 3 Things You Must Be Prepared To Give Up For Career Success

Actor Sinqua Walls, most known for his role as “Shawn” in the hit television series POWER, opens up about the sacrifices that he had to make in order to achieve international career success in arts and entertainment. In addition to his role on VH1’s show ‘The Breaks,’ Walls opens up about his film collaboration with Prada, why his character on ‘POWER’ had to die and what makes his relationship with his girlfriend work.


3 Things You Must Be Prepared To Sacrifice In Order To Work In Arts and Entertainment


  1. Long hours. You need to put in the “genius time” so that you can get better each and every day. Long hours of work and study are non negotiable if you want to have a successful career in arts and entertainment.

  2. Friendships and Relationships. Everything in life has an opportunity cost. More time perfecting your craft means less time with friends and family (the real ones understand).

  3. Idle Time. There’s always something to be done. Long gone are the days where you spend your time free time just hanging out. “It’s definitely a sacrifice that pays off but you must be willing to do it. And, you have to have people around you that understand that the path is greater for both of you.”

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