Comedian Majah Hype's Serious Conversation on How To Make Money on Social Media

EP 15: The Path Less Traveled Series Ft. Caribbean Comedy King, Majah Hype

The Path Less Traveled Series, is an inspiring web series spotlighting millennial entrepreneurs. Each episode is packed with actionable tips on how to successfully turn your passion into a lucrative career. Reserve your seat for the next live taping here.


Majah Hype is a comedian, actor, director, and musician who is most known for being one of the fastest growing comedians on social media. With a social following of over 500,000 people Majah Hype uses his platform to showcase his dialect versatility by performing West Indian comedy skits in hopes of unifying the Caribbean community. In his feature on The Path Less Traveled Series with Neffy Anderson, Majah Hype opens up about everything from overcoming his lack of self confidence to directing his first film. 


10 Things You'll Learn From Majah Hype's Feature on The Path Less Traveled Series:

  1. How social media can help you achieve career success (no matter your profession or industry) 
  2. The fine line between fame and wealth
  3. How to make money on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  4. Investments you need to make in yourself in order to maximize your value and profit
  5. How to deliberately brand yourself
  6. Why the comedy genre in entertainment is one of the hardest things to conquer
  7. How to overcome low self confidence
  8. Why you shouldn't share your ideas 
  9. How to get funding as and entrepreneur or independent artist
  10. Language barrier myths about working/performing overseas