What It Means To Be Camera Ready

In a nutshell, being camera ready means that your makeup is done in a way that accentuates your features so that they do not become lost or washed out when captured on photo or video. As someone who works in media I ALWAYS encourage EVERYONE to be camera ready no matter the industry. Why? Because you never know who you're gunna meet, and people lead to opportunities. Point. Blank. Period.



On my way to the dermatologist I was asked for an on-camera interview with News 12. Not only did I not have on any makeup, I didn't have any with me! Ugh. Such a rookie move. I know better. 90% of the time my makeup is done so well it looks like I'm gunna meet my future husband or my worst enemy. During those rare occasions when I don't have my "face" on, I always have a makeup bag on standby. Always! Except this one time ..... Watch the video below, and read on for 10 products to keep in your emergency makeup bag (so you don't get caught out here looking crazy like the girl in the video. Aka, me!) 

If you watched that video saying "Man! Where are her eyebrows, lips, lashes and cheekbones?!?!?" all I can say is "In my makeup bag."

Here are 10 things to keep in your car or makeup bag for emergencies, last minute appearances and on-camera features:

  1. Brown brow pencil

  2. Foundation

  3. Concealer for highlight

  4. Pressed Powder

  5. Liquid eyeliner

  6. Mascara

  7. Glowy highlighter

  8. Plum type lipstick

  9. Eye shadow crease brush

  10. Small sized blush brush

If you'd like to see me do a tutorial on how to apply all this stuff on the fly, subscribe to my YouTube channel here.