ESSENCE's Lifestyle and Relationships Editor on Climbing the Career Ladder and Finding Love on a Busy Schedule

The Path Less Traveled Series ft. ESSENCE's Lifestyle and Relationships Editor, Charreah Jackson

It's nobody's job to make sure that you're okay, but this therapy session is on me. More often than not we put ourselves on the back burner and let pride get in the way of  getting the help we need. Too many times have we said "I need a life coach," "I need a career coach," I need a relationship coach" and have done nothing about it. I'm stepping in to intervene. In my The Path Less Traveled sit down with ESSENCE's lifestyle and relationship expert, Charreah Jackson, we discuss how to successfully manage your career, climb the ladder in your field, and find love on a busy schedule. Watch /listen to our interview below or read on for the key takeaways:

On Mentorship

The second you start to pour into people they’re more than willing to pour into you. You can not be coming up with an empty hand asking people for time they don’t have.

On Getting Laid Off

Getting laid off is a gift wrapped in sandpaper. It's an opportunity to re-start your career, check in with yourself, and remind yourself that it’s nobody’s job to make sure you’re alright.

Trust in the process. Know that you are enough to create other opportunities

On Career Readiness

Sometimes you gotta get ready before the opportunity comes. You cant wait for the door to be opened and you’re tryna put your shoes on.

On Life

Anything you put in the the universe will come to fruition just maybe not in the package you thought.

Be genuine to who you are. Be your whole self when you walk into a room. Your strength is in your wholeness.

On Negotiating

Because you don't ask you don’t get. Especially women. Especially people of color. If you’re a black woman you’re already getting paid less than everyone else in the room. Whatever job you want to do know the rates for.

Every time someone gives you a offer ask for more. Every job you get is looking to pay you a little more than your last.

On Working for Free

Don’t be so happy to be there that you’re not clear on why you’re there and what you want to get out of the situation. Your time is so precious.

You can make $10,00 and lose it and get it again. You can spend 10 yrs at a job you don’t like and never get that time back.

 On Work Ethic

Don't ever let your dream get so big that you’re not willing to do the small stuff. Take everything serious.

On Relationships

If you really want to have a companion in your life, make it a priority and know that it’s possible.

The keys to opening the bigger doors is really relationships. Every door that you need to go through somebody has the key to. There is no such thing as self made -- we all need somebody.

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