But First, Coffee: Coffeetographer Chermelle Edwards Reveals How to Create Work That Matters

The Path Less Traveled Series ft. Coffeetographer, Chermelle Edwards

Chérmelle Edwards, founder of thecoffeetographer.com -- a webzine that unfolds the complex and diverse world of coffee as a culture -- is the personification of perseverance, passion, and purpose. In her feature on The Path Less Traveled Series with Neffy Anderson, Chérmelle discusses her transition from corporate America to entrepreneurship while detailing the sacrifices she made to unapologetically follow her dream. 

"Some people may tell you to do your dream on the side and that’s because they could be afraid for you and they’re uncertain about your future. But as long as you’re in control your future is great." - Chérmelle Edwards

7 Topics Discussed in Chérmelle Edwards' Feature on The Path Less Traveled Series:

1. Sacrifice -- how to stay married to the journey of entrepreneurship 

2. Coffee culture -- cultivation, curation, competitions and shortcomings

3. Website ads -- how your site can generate revenue without them

4. Clothes --  how what you wear can help you generate your best work.

5. Original Storytelling -- how to create your own story system

6. Work that matters -- how to create a platform that documents a culture

7. Authenticity -- how to stay true to yourself in all that you do


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